• Frequently asked questions and facts.

  • What is the advantage of foam?

    What is the advantage of foam?
    Because you can easily foam up your motor with our foamer, you can reach even the most inaccessible places.

    The foam stays in place long enough to soak the dirt well, whether it's on your windshield, radiator, caliper, or cooling fins.

    Because of this you don't have to polish as long and your whole bike is clean within 10 minutes!

    * No chance of damage.
    * Less scrubbing!
    * It's easy to get to wherever you can't with a loose cloth or spray.
    * The foam dissolves all the dirt perfectly.
    * Hardly any chance to damage your paintwork, even if there is still sand on it, the foam removes it perfectly!

  • Are these products also suitable for matt lacquers?

    Yes! our products do not leave a wax layer behind so you will have perfect results even on matt sheets!

  • Is there acid in these products?

    No! Our products are acid free. This means you have no chance of damaging lacquers, plastics, or metals.

  • How do i get the best foam from the foamer?

    The best foam is obtained by dosing 100 ml of motorcycle cleaner on one litre of water. Pump the foamer well before you use it. Doesn't this work? Then the foamer may be Clogged. Unscrew the parts from the nozzle and rinse all parts thoroughly under the tap.
  • I get a white haze after applying the snelwax

    Our snelwax is a temporary wax that leaves after washing your bike of after a few rainstorms. For example, it is possible that the wax on top of your tank is still good, while it is almost gone at the side of your tank. This causes colour differences. After thorough washing with our motorcycle cleaner, you can re-apply the wax.

  • On which materials are the products suitable?

    Our products are suitable for all materials you can find on your motorcycle.

    For example: metal, plastic, lacquered parts, powder coated parts, titanium, aluminium, stainless steel, rubber, windscreens, headlights, dashboards, mirrors etc.

  • Complaints

    Feedback is always welcome, please contact us via the contact form so we can deal with it as soon as possible.

  • Delivery

  • When can i expect my package?

    We strive to ship orders on workings days before 16:00 the same day. Orders places on Saturday or Sunday will be shipped on Monday. Delivery is done by DHL or PostNL, they deliver 90% of all shipments delivered by us, the next day. (countrys further than the netherlands can take longer)

  • What is the satus of my order?

    As soon as we have shipped your order you will recieve a shipping confirmation with track and trace code. If you have not recieved it yet, your order has not yet been shipped. We ship on workdays from Monday to Friday until 16:00 hours.

  • I haven't recieved my package yet, what now?

    Have you checked the Track and Trace code and it turns out that something is wrong with your package? Then please contact us via the contact form. If you do not receive your parcel the next day, it is also possible that DHL or PostNL have a delay. Unfortunately, we have no influence on this.

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