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With this package you have everything you need to clean your rims and chain like new. In this package you will find the following products:

Rims and chain cleaner 500ML

The ideal wheel and chain cleaner to clean your sprockets, chain and rims!

  • With the rims and chain cleaner you make them like new again within 5 minutes!
  • Removes all traffic dirt, chain grease and brake-gross from your rims & chain.
  • No chance of scratches or damage.
  • Does not affect your paint or coating!

Chain brush

The perfect chain brush to clean your sprockets and chain!

  • Perfect for getting rid of your chain and sprockets in all the tricky nooks and crannies!
  • Fits perfectly around your chain making it very easy to clean.
  • No chance of scratches or damage.
  • Suitable for every motorcycle.

P.U Cleaning cloth

The perfect wiping cloth to wipe off your motorcycle streak-free!

  • The perfect cloth to polish your motorcycle without leaving streaks.
  • Removes all the small dirt.
  • Ideal size of 38x32 cm.
  • Does not scratch.
  • Hundreds of times to wash so economical in use.

Wonder sponge

The perfect miracle sponge to clean your bike with!

  • The perfect sponge to wash your bike.
  • Removes all the dirt.
  • Ideal size of 10x7x3 cm.
  • Does not scratch.
  • Works perfectly with our engine cleaner and rims & chain cleaner!

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