Motorcycle Cleaning

Perhaps not the most fun part of motorcycling but cleaning your motorcycle is crucial. Not only to stand out with a nice shiny engine but also to extend the life of your engine. In addition, the engine cleaning does not have to be a boring job and and with the products of it is a small and fun job. The best way to clean your engine can be read here:

Cleaning your motorcycle in 5 steps

Rinse your motorcycle

You start with the proper hose down of your engine, you can do this with a watering can or a garden hose. With the hosing down of your engine you make sure that all the worst dirt of the engine disappears. This reduces the chance of damage by polishing considerably. Damage often occurs when the engine is polished while there is still sand on it. This creates small scratches, something you absolutely do not want on your engine. Never do this with a pressure washer because you can cause damage to your engine. When you have hosed down the engine you have made the first step in engine cleaning. Now comes the fun part, foaming the engine.


When we clean a motorbike we always use a foamer. We fill this foamer with 100ml of motorcycle cleaner on 1 litre of water. We build up the pressure in the foamer by pumping hard. After we have built up a lot of pressure, we foam the engine from head to toe. It is important that the engine is wet and covered with foam for at least 1 to 5 minutes. When this is done we start cleaning the engine. Note when cleaning the engine that you never do this when the engine is warm and never clean in the full sun. Always let it cool down first. It is also important never to clean your engine in (direct) sunlight.

Cleaning the motorcycle

The engine is now covered with foam, so it is ready to be cleaned. The longer the working time on the dirt the less you have to polish and scrub. With a good sponge (link to sponge) we fanatically clean the engine. Especially where there is a lot of dirt and flies. You can always spray extra foam on the dirty parts.


After you have treated all spots well, it's time to rinse the bike so all the dirt and foam disappears from the bike. After spraying the motor you can best dry it with a cloth so there are no streaks and drops remain by the calcium and minerals in the tap water. For optimal protection you can also use a quick wax.

Cleaning rims and chain

Now your bike is almost completely clean, only the rims and chain deserve some extra attention. You can spray these with a wheel and chain cleaner. Let this well withdraw and polish it with a chain brush, wheel sponge or cloth. Rinse your wheels and chain after this treatment again to remove dirt. Do not forget to grease your chain after cleaning. Want to see exactly how you clean your bike and chain, check out the videos below.

What does it cost to clean your bike?

That depends of course on which products you use to clean your bike. When you use the products from a wash only costs 89 cents (assuming you use 100ml of motorcycle cleaner). The advantage of the products from is that cleaning your motorcycle is also fun and simple. Just infoamen your engine and your whole bike is clean in 10 minutes. To get acquainted with our products we have put together an ideal starter package. In this package is:

  • 2 x 1 liter motorcycle cleaner
  • 500ml wheel and chain cleaner
  • Foamer
  • Viscossponge
  • PU cleaning cloth
  • Instruction manual

In addition, the package is also delivered free to your home! So count your profit. All our products can be found here.

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