P.U. cleaning cloth

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The perfect wiping cloth to remove your motorcycle without leaving marks!

Advantages of the P.U. cleaning cloth

✅ The perfect cloth to polish up your bike without streaks.

✅ Removes all small dirt.

✅ No cleaning or polishing necessary.

✅ Anyone can work with them.

✅ Ideal size of 38x32 cm.

✅ Don't scratch your motorcycle.

✅ Hundreds of times to wash so economical in use.

How does this P.U. cloth work?

This cloth is ideal for streak-free polishing after cleaning your bike.

Because the high quality P.U. cloth does not scratch it and makes it perfectly clean!

Can you use the P.U. cloth on everything?


This cleaning cloth is perfect for your tank, windshield, plastic, aluminium, steel or painted / lacquered parts.

How many P.U. cloths are there in one package?

These cloths are supplied each.

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