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Clean your engine with foam? We can do it with our foamer! Fill the foamer with our motorcycle cleaner, build up the pressure and foam it. In no time your whole bike is foamed up and you can start cleaning it.

Advantages of the foamer

✅ The perfect product to foam your motor with a thick layer of foam.

✅ Because the foam can work for a long time you hardly need to polish or srub.

✅ No chance of scratching or damaging it.

✅ Anyone can do it.

✅ Works perfectly in combination with the motorcycle cleaner!

How does the foamer work?

Simply fill it with water & motorcycle cleaner and pump it up at the top.

If there is enough ''pressure'' built up you can easily foam your motorcycle.

After use it should always be emptied! this is done by first venting with the push button on top & then unscrewing the head.

Make sure that both the head and the reservoir are rinsed with water!

How much can there be in the foamer?

It has a capacity of 2 litres.

Fully filled you can do more than 4 motors at the same time!

Please note, this product is only the foamer. You still have to add motorcycle cleaner in it!

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