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The perfect chain brush to clean your sprockets & chain!

Advantages of the chain brush

✅ Perfect to get into all the tricky nooks and crannies of your chain & sprockets!

✅ Fits perfectly around your chain making it very easy to clean.

✅ No chance of scratches or damage.

✅ Works perfectly in combination with our rims & chain cleaner!

✅ Suitable for every motorcycle with a chain.

How does the chain brush work?

This product works very well with our rims & chain cleaner.

Spray your chain & sprockets with our rims & chain cleaner so that all the dirt can be easily removed.

Brush the dirt loose with the chain brush while working in.

Use both sides of the brush for easy access to everything.

After use, rinse the brush thoroughly with water, or clean it with our rims & chain cleaner!

In case of extreme pollution you can repeat the above again until your rim and chain is like new again!

After cleaning your chain do not forget to spray it back in again with chain grease.

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