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Make your bike like new again with our motorcycle cleaner! Combine it with our foamer and you put your bike in a thick layer of foam.

Advantages of the Motorcycle Cleaner

✅ The perfect way to clean your motorcycle within 10 minutes!

✅ One wash costs only €0,89 (assuming 100 ml use of motorcycle cleaner)

✅ Removes all dirt & flies on plastic, metal, aluminium, windbreaks, titanium, powder-coated & the headlight.

✅ No chance of scratching or damaging.

✅ Suitable for every motorcycle & every type of material!

✅ Everyone can do it.

✅ Easy to work with foam!

✅ Biodegradable.

✅ Reach all difficult places easily!

✅ Works perfectly in combination with the ''foamer'' from the starter set motorcycle cleaner!

How does the motorcycle cleaner work?

* Before you start you should rinse the worst dirt with plenty of water, for example with the garden hose or a watering can.

* Then fill the supplied ''foamer'' with water & motorcycle cleaner.

Use one litre of water & 100 ml of motorcycle cleaner if your bike is ''normally'' dirty.

Use a maximum of one litre of water & a quarter of a litre of engine cleaner if your engine is ''extremely'' dirty.

* Foam the bike well from bottom to top and make sure it stays wet and full of foam for 1 to maximum 5 minutes.

* Make sure that the areas with a lot of dirt or flies are cleaned with the supplied sponge.

* Then rinse the bike thoroughly with plenty of water & dry it with the P.U. cloth for best results!

Cleaning rims & chain?

* To keep your rims and chain clean we have the rims & chain cleaner! Spray your rims & chain well and keep it wet for a maximum of 5 minutes, then rub the dirt away with a sponge or cloth.

Can you also use the motorcycle cleaner separately?

That's possible, mix 100 ml of motorcycle cleaner to one litre of water.

Wet your bike well and make sure it stays well wet for at least 5 minutes & does not dry up!

In the meantime, polish off the flies and dirt with a sponge or clean cloth.

Then rinse the bike thoroughly with plenty of water & dry it with the P.U. cloth for best results!

PLEASE NOTE: Never use these products in full sun!

How much capacity does one bottle have?

One bottle contains 1 litre.

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