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Clean your textile or leather suit and accessories in a jiffy with our suit & helmet cleaner! Combine it with our leather impregnator, textile impregnator and our P.U. cleaning cloth to keep your textile or leather in top condition!

Advantages of the suit & helmet cleaner

  • The perfect tool to clean your leather or textile suit or accessories.
  • Easy and fast, no bucket or hose needed.
  • Dissolves all flies, grease and grime effortlessly.
  • One cleaner for your complete outfit!
  • Anyone can do it.
  • Easy to work with foam!
  • Reaches all tricky spots easily!

How to use the suit & helmet cleaner

    1. Make sure your suit is free of coarse dirt like sand and mud, for example by rinsing it first with water and a soft brush.
    2. Shake the aerosol well before using it, preferably outside or in a very well-ventilated place. After all, you are working with an aerosol.
    3. Work in steps, divide your leather jacket or pants in 4 parts to get the best result and prevent drying. For example, do the back of your jacket first, then the front and then the sleeves.
    4. Spray the suit & helmet cleaner on your suit and let it sit for a maximum of 25 seconds, then immediately start cleaning with the P.U. cleaning cloth. The suit & helmet cleaner should not be left on for more than 25 seconds.
    5. When you are finished with your jacket, pants, saddle or bag, rinse them with water. The residue and dirt must be drained off with water for the best result.
    6. Let your suit dry in a normal way, preferably not near a strong heat source such as a stove and not in the sun.

    Cleaning of the helmet liner

    1. Make sure your helmet is firmly upside down, for example on a towel or pillow.
    2. Shake the aerosol well before using it, preferably outside or in a very well ventilated place. After all, you are working with an aerosol.
    3. Remove your visor or cover it well before you start. The suit & helmet cleaner must not get onto your visor.
    4. Spray the suit & helmet cleaner on the helmet liner and polish off the dirt with a cloth or soft brush.
    5. When the foam has dried reasonably well you can vacuum your lining with a vacuum cleaner. This will remove the loose dirt.
    6. For the best result you can clean your lining with a damp cloth. If your helmet is very dirty, you can repeat the above process.

    Explanation, tips & tricks

    • The P.U. cleaning cloth can be washed in the washing machine without fabric softener at 95 degrees maximum.
    • Never use these products in the full sun or at high temperatures.
    • When cleaning your helmet you can also pick up the dirt with the P.U. cloth instead of a vacuum cleaner. This will take longer and you might need more cloths.
    • Let your helmet dry well before using it again to prevent skin irritation.
    • The suit & helmet cleaner is intended to be used several times a year. This product is not meant to be used for cleaning, but for cleaning the suit after riding.

    CAUTION: Never use these products in full sunlight or at high temperatures.

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