Stainless steel exhaust sponges

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The perfect sponges to clean your exhaust in combination with our stainless steel exhaust cleaner! NOTE: Use these stainless steel exhaust sponges only together with our stainless steel exhaust cleaner!

Advantages of the stainless steel exhaust sponges

  • Effortlessly removes rust together with our exhaust cleaner.
  • Leaves hardly any scratches.
  • Everyone can do it.
  • Reaches easily all difficult spots!
  • Does not affect your exhaust.
  • Ideal size of 85x130 mm per sponge.

How does the exhaust cleaner RVs startset work?

  1. Make sure your exhaust is free of coarse dirt such as sand and mud. Clean it first before you start.
  2. Shake the bottle of exhaust cleaner at least 3 minutes before you start. Make sure that you work in the shadow and that your exhaust system is completely cooled down.
  3. Put a small blob of exhaust cleaner on the pad provided and brush it over the exhaust. Work in small pieces and make sure you always work in the length of the exhaust for the best result.
  4. After cleaning, rinse the exhaust with water and dry it with the P.U. cleaning cloth.
  5. To prevent your exhaust from rusting, you have to oil it. You can do this with WD40 or engine oil.

Explanation, tips & tricks

  • The exhaust cleaner is an acidic product, work with gloves when you have a sensitive skin and be careful that the exhaust cleaner does not get on your engine or on the floor.
  • Keep an extra cloth at hand to clean up any spills immediately.
  • To get good access and the best result it is best to disassemble your exhaust before you start.
  • Your exhaust can rust again if the steel is ''untreated''. By lubricating your exhaust with a bit of oil, no oxygen can get to it and it will not rust again. After smearing the exhaust with oil, it has to get warm so it can burn.
  • The more oil you use and the more often you lubricate your exhaust, the browner / darker it gets.

CAUTION: Never use these products in the full sun or at high temperatures.

What is the content of one package?

One package contains 4 sponges.

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