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The product to protect your motorcycle! Just spray your bike, rub it and your bike is completely showroom ready.

Advantages of the snelwax

✅ Easy to apply > Spray on & rub out!

✅ Suitable for all plastic caps, carbon, lacquered parts & metals.

✅ Repels dirt and water.

✅ Provides a medium gloss, even on matt lacquers it looks good!

✅ Removes light oxidation and weathering.

✅ Ensures that your bike is easy to clean.

✅ Temporary wax layer, goes away after you wash your bike with the motorcycle cleaner.

How does the quick wax work?

Make sure your bike is clean & dry before you start.

* Shake the aerosol can well before use.

* Spray the snelwax in an even, thin layer on your bike.

* Spread the quickwax with a soft cloth and let it soak for a few seconds to a maximum of one minute.

* Brush out the quick wax with a clean cloth.

CAUTION: Never use these products in full sun!

Avoid contact with your tyres, saddle and brakes!

How much capacity does one bottle have?

One bottle contains 500 millilitres.

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