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Ideal for on the road: the visor cleaner starter kit!

Advantages of the visor cleaner starter set

✅ With the visor cleaner you clean your visor in no time!

✅ Removes flies, grease & traffic dirt from your visor & helmet.

✅ Economical in consumption!

✅ No chance of scratches or damage.

✅ Doesn't affect your paint or coating!

✅ Fits perfectly under your buddyseat, in your jacket pocket or top case.

✅ The ideal size for on the go.

✅ Anyone can do it.

How does the visor cleaner work ?

Spray the visor cleaner on your helmet & clean it with a microfibre cloth.

With a lot of dirt it is easier to let the visor cleaner work for about 10 seconds.

Make sure you always use a clean cloth when cleaning your helmet!

What is the content of this starter kit?

One bottle of 100 ml visor cleaner.

One microfiber cloth.

One travelbag.

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