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The perfect miracle sponge to clean your bike with!

Advantages of the miracle sponge

✅ The perfect sponge to wash your bike.

✅ Removes all the dirt.

✅ Anyone can work with it.

✅ Ideal size of 10x7x3 cm.

✅ Doesn't scratch your bike.

✅ Works perfectly with our motorcycle cleaner and rim & chain cleaner!

Can you put the miracle sponge anywhere on use? 


These sponges are perfect for your tank, windbreak, plastic, aluminium, steel, or painted / lacquered parts.

Keep the sponge separate where you have cleaned your rims, this is then no longer suitable for your hoods & lacquered parts.

PLEASE NOTE: This sponge is very fragile and can only be used a few times.

How many sponges are there in one package?

These sponges are delivered each.

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